The blockchain powered marketplace


...a cryptocurrency with inherent value, as more and more merchants are signing up continuously. You can use Valuto to buy and sell everyday items on Valuto marketplace, exactly like you would with traditional FIAT money. Read on and join the revolution today! - Valuto is going to change the world of crypto currencies.

A Currency

A Currency

Valuto can be used by ordinary people to buy everyday items.

A Marketplace

A Marketplace

In the Valuto marketplace, merchants can advertise their products and services for sale.

An asset

An asset

Valuto can be traded for FIAT or other crypto currencies.

Wallet & Marketplace
- All in one app

  • The Valuto online wallet can be used to hold your Valutos. It's easy to send and receive Valuto from within the Valuto wallet app.
  • The market is integrated into the Valuto wallet, enabling trading of goods between people and businesses all over the world.
  • Valuto utilizes both on - and off-chain transactions to provide near instant settlement and optimum security.


Valuto is listed on Coinexchange.

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Mine your own VLU using CPU or GPU.

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The Team

Peder Munk

Serial entrepreneur with a passion for tech. His projects are currently making millions of transactions.

Bio coming

Maria Munk

Master’s degree in economics from Denmark. Financial and leadership experience since 2002.

Bio coming

Kristian Iversen

Master's degree in economics and auditing. He loves working on largescale e-commerce solutions.

Bio coming

Daniel Alexander Larsen

Blockchain and bitcoin enthusiast. Does not hold any formal degrees but is kickass at problem solving.

Bio coming

Søren Jeppesen

Bachelor in digital concept development. Has years of experience, working with online marketing.

Bio coming

Asger Jensby

MBA with 25 years of sales and management experience from listed German and American IT companies.

Bio coming

Sandro Borg

Gaming industry professional with a background in compliance and information systems audit. BSc.

Bio coming

Darren Wu

Expertise in worldwide large-scale e-commerce. China representative & procurement manager. BSc.

Bio coming


We are looking forward to announce another team member soon. Stay tuned.